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Morning Motivation

Morning Motivation


get motivated with me!

Here is my morning routine, and how I stay motivated!

Hey friendsss. Happy Wednesday! If you've followed up with my blog in the past, then welcome to the new and improved site! I hope you like it :) Let's jump right in!

Morning motivation.... what is that? As of a few months ago, I didn't know either. Ever have those mornings that you wake up and wish you were a little more peppy but just can't seem to find the motivation? Well I have became an early bird (somehow) and I'm gonna share ALL of my secrets with you. From how I prepare the night before, to when I walk out the door. Leggggo.

My mornings used to be RUFF. If I didn't wake up in a hurry, then I woke up feeling major blah. On the blah mornings, I actually started to notice that it was super hard for me to get out of that "blah" mood. Throughout my day, I felt pooped, moody, exhausted, and literally just.... blah. Ok I'm done saying blah. blah blah blah blah. I said bye to the blah with only a few changes that made the biggest difference in my morning/day!

The night prior:

 The first step for me was changing my nightly routine. I didn't make that much of an effort and would allow myself to fall asleep without any preparation for that night or the following morning. The worst is when I would forget to wash my face and I would wake up with left over makeup on my face, clogged pores, my eyes almost glued shut because of my mascara, and I just felt gross. So instead of waiting right before I go to bed (because I fall asleep on the couch on the daily), I started preparing BEFORE I plump my ass on the couch. I started spending an extra $2 on my makeup remover wipes that actually hydrate my skin and allow it to breathe. (Seriously ladies, this makes a difference. No more Great Value, Neutrogena is the way to go, you're welcome). I also had started using face masks more often and absolutely fell in love with that super refreshing feeling you get afterwards, however not all face masks are ok to use daily, so I purchased one that was, and started using it every night. The refreshing feeling it gives me is like.... just life. Ahhhhhh.


Next step... if you're anything like me then you're always hungry and unfortunately, you're hungriest right before bed. Instead of eating a few Doritos, actually allow yourself to sit down, relax, and fill your tummy with something healthy. I started drinking a cup of hot green tea w/ honey every night before bed, along with some fruit and occasionally a granola bar. I usually try to do this at least an hour before bed just to make sure the tea doesn't keep me awake and my food is digested. THIS MADE THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCE FOR ME! I woke up feeling so energized, healthy, digested, and on top of that, my skin felt hydrated and smooth. Feeling that good when waking up in the morning automatically helped my mood and attitude, right outta bed. 


This is a given, give yourself a cup of coffee. This girl can't function without it so its just not even a question for me. Just no more than 2 cups, I start to feel jittery. 

Fulfill your duties:

This might not apply to everyone, but if this applies to you, try it. I strive to take care of my man, I love spoiling and doing "womanly" things for him. So every morning after I pour my cup of coffee, I make/pack his lunch. It's just something nice to remind him how appreciative I am of him. It makes me feel good, don't judge :) And plus.... he wakes up at 6:00am everyday to take the pup outside, he deserves it cuz thats just too early for my ass. I'll stick with 7:00am thankyouuuu. Usually, by this time he's ready to leave. So I walk him to the door, give him a big smooch, he likes to have a nice ass grab, then I send him on his way. Now for the fun part........


This is my favorite part of the day. I start off by making myself breakfast and watching TV. For those of you that don't know, I would die without TV. Sometime's I keep it simple with cereal, but lately my go-to has been 2 poached eggs w/ rye toast and some fruit. Then I give myself one hour to do something I enjoy before showering and starting my to do list, go to work, the gym, or whatever I have planned for that day. I switch up - I like to:

1. Pinterest: For some reason, Pinterest feeds my soul. I enjoy sitting on Pinterest and exploring/researching new health remedies, food recipes, photography ideas, outfit ideas, quotes, skin care, etc. I'm a Pinterest junkie, to da max. 1 hour goes by like that.

2. Yoga: Ohhhh how I love me some yoga. It's still a little difficult for me because I still consider myself a beginner, so I don't feel like I get as much out of it as other people, but trying at least helps give me a productive and happy feeling. And practice makes perfect, right?

3. Blogging: Or I do what I am doing right now.... Happy blogging :) Sometime's I'll even go to this super cute cafe by the beach and have some breakfast while doing some computer work. Food on the beach early in the morning is the mosttttt refreshinggggggg.

4. Clean: There are some days that I wake up feeling just cluttered, and sometimes messy just stresses me out. So if I feel like the place needs some extra attention, i'll declutter or re-decorate. Sometimes its nice to have a change of scenery. I did this yesterday, it feels so nice today to wake up and not see a stack of old mail on my desk. Phewww.

5. Read a book: I know what you're thinking.. "I'm not reading a book." But seriously guys, get the right book and I promise you will WANT to. I've been reading self help books more & more and they really do make such a difference in my attitude, and I actually learn a lot from them. I'm not a big reader, so trust me I definitely don't read every day. But I try to a few times a week. Plus, its relaxing to sit on my balcony with a book & cup of coffee. I stare into the sunshine and palm tree's everywhere, come on now. What isn't relaxing about that? Especially when you're from the North. Palm tree's > Snow. Just sayin.


So... I guess this is more of a morning routine post, but I hope it motivates you to try new things! I remember the days that I would think to myself "I am neverrrr gonna be able to be a morning person" and I am now. It's such a better feeling. You feel productive, healthy, and you never have to feel tired from over sleeping. Try new things and switch up your routine, you'd be surprised at how much it can help you! 


XOXO, tori.


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