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My Go-To Denim

My Go-To Denim

Hey friends & welcome back! One post down, and several more to go, and I am SO excited. I wanted to share some of my outfit details with you guys. If I had to pick one item that I love most, it would be denim. No lie, I own a minimum of 15 pairs of jeans. In my opinion, you can never have too many pairs. Within the past few years, I feel like so many new styles and fits of denim have been released and in style, and they still are in style today. So I am gonna share with you my GO-TO denim, and why it's my fav. Let's go! 

My wardrobe consists of so many styles of denim:

Solid & striped. High-waisted & low-waisted. Skinny & flare. Boyfriend fit & legging fit. Girlfriend fit & mom fit. Cropped & long length. Dark wash & light wash. Distressed & not distressed. I am a freaking jean junkie. Out of all of these... I have a fav. Drumroll, please........



If you haven't tried this fit, I strongly encourage you to invest in a pair of sexy Mom jeans. Mom jeans give me everything I want in a look. Comfy? YES. Trendy? YEP. High waisted? MHM. I can pull off any look with my mom jeans, whether its bum and comfy, to classy or boho. I can't emphasize how comfy they are!

I have two pairs of mom jeans, and I love them both the same. 

1. Express - this pair I've had for a while, so just from being so worn they have actually distressed themselves a bit. Because of this, they have loosened up a bit in the legs, but still totally pull off the look I go for, and I get to be comfy while doing it :) I paid $80 for them about 5 months ago. Unfortunately, I couldn't find them on the website, GRRR.

2. American Eagle - this pair, I just recently purchased within the last month, and I AM SO IN LOVE. I had 2 options, distressed or not distressed. The distressed pair was a little more pricey, so I stuck with the plain pair and only spent $40. I wear these out on date nights, to run errands, and sometimes to even lounge around. American Eagle is still carrying them, so I'll post the link below in case you decide to treat yo self.

American Eagle is also having a sale right now, buy 1 get one 50% off. Express has an ongoing sale on denim - buy 1 get one for $29.90. Unfortunately, this doesn't apply to all pairs of denim, but they still give you an amazing selection! Shop my fav jeans below :) Happy blogging! 


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