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SIMPLE Everyday Look

SIMPLE Everyday Look

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Hey guys, and welcome back!

Today, I am going to share with you which products I use for my every day makeup look. My everyday look takes me about 10 minutes and is VERY minimal, however, you can easily spice it up for a special occasion with no time added. About 50% of the products included are actually from the drug store and extremely affordable. The other 50% are a little bit more pricey, so I included secondary products that you can purchase from the drugstore that work just as well, for those of you that are on a budget or don't like spending a lot on makeup. I like to always stay stocked up on both products because I use more of my drugstore products on the bum days. Ain't no need to use a $50 foundation to lay on your coach, you feel me? 

Let's get started!

Moisturize: This is the very first step to a flawless look. I moisturize with Clinique Moisture Surge and I. am. in. luv. I get mine from Ulta. It's a gel-cream so it is super soothing and really gives you a dewy, healthy looking glow. They have 4 sizes that range from $12-52.00. If you're looking to spend a little less, Olay Active Hydrating Cream is the way to go! You can find it at any local drugstore for only $7.

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Primer: I just recently started using a primer, because a girlfriend of mine recommended the Stila One Step Primer for $36 and it solved a lot of the issues I was having. I'm very fortunate that I don't struggle with break-outs, acne, and rarely pimples, however, I do struggle with discoloration on my cheeks, nose, and forehead. This primer is color correcting and completely rids of the discoloration areas on my face. It also makes my makeup stay on for all of eternity, literally. If you don't struggle with discoloration but are looking for a primer to make your makeup last all day, go purchase yourself a bottle of Urban Decay Setting Spray (All Nighter) and give your foundation brush a few sprays before dipping into your foundation. The standard size bottle is $32 but you can get a mini for $15. You can thank me later.

Foundation: Ok guys, I cannot stress this enough. This is the most important part! I have gone through foundation after foundation after foundation to find one that I liked, and gave me the look I wanted. Unfortunately, I gave up at the drugstore and drove my ass to Ulta. I know 3 that I can absolutely swear by.

Confidence in a Compact by IT Cosmetics $38

Tarte American Clay $39

Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation $49

All three of these are very easy to work with and are medium to full coverage. What I like most about them is they allow you to choose your look based on how much you apply. 1 thin layer goes a long way. If you want simple, apply one layer. Date night or photoshoot? Apply two or three. Unfortunately, all of these are decently priced and you cannot find them at the drugstore, but I promise they are worth every penny and they last a long time. For myself, Confidence in a Compact is a little heavy, so I use it more for special occasions. I used to use Tarte American Clay for my every day look until I found Nars. Nars is my go-to right now because it is so lightweight and feels like you are wearing nothing. I apply all of these with a foundation brush :)

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Concealer: This step is very important for me because I struggle with dark circles. I have discovered a new fave from Ulta called Tarte Tape Contour Concealer and I am almost positive you can ONLY find it at Ulta for $27. For drugstore, I recommend anything Maybelline. I have tried 4 different concealers from Maybelline that I love all the same. Click here to check them out! The key to flawless concealer is a damp beauty blender. You can find them at the dollar store, however, I purchased one for 12 dollars at Ulta, and I think it works a lot better. Might be worth spending a few extra bucks. I couldn't find the exact but here is one similar.

Face Powder: I have used multiple different powders but what works best for me is translucent and matte. I have tried many expensive ones and they all work NO better than Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless Powder. I use this every day. Since I don't do much with the eyes, I really try to achieve the flawless, finished look with my facial products. I have found that its worth it to spend money on expensive foundations, however adding too much color could throw your look in a different direction. With the translucent powder, I don't have to worry about it giving me too much bronze and I just love love love the matte look! 

Bronze & Blush: For this past year, I've been using palettes instead of individual products. I just think they look better. I love my IT Cosmetics Palette ($32) so much but it is a little much for an everyday look, so I save it for occasions. It gives you so much glow, its fab. My every day is the KoKo Kollection by Kylie Cosmetics. It's $40 but has lasted me a whole year already! I bronze my cheeks, add a little blush, highlight the cheekbones, top lip, the tip of the nose, & done! Love me someKoKo! 

DA BROWS: I found the two loves of my lives and I ain't letting go anytime soon. The Anastasia Brow Wiz for $21, and the Benefit Brow Pencil for $24. I love these both, and they actually give a very similar look, but I personally think the Benefit Brow Pencil is easier to apply, however, doesn't last nearly as long. On the bum days, I don't even bother going in with a pencil, I just fill my brows in with brown eyeshadow from the dollar store and it does the trick! I also apply ilumanator under my brows when I finish lining or filling them in, it tends to just brighten up the eye area. I use Benefit High Brow for $22. They have either a matte pencil or one with shimmer. I love them both! If you would like to spend a little less, I recommend Maybelline Brow Precise Illuminator for only $8!

Mascara: The only thing I do to the eyes is this simple step, mascara. I have been using Maybelline Lash Sensational. I couldn't find this online but you can find it at your local drugstore for $7. I have recommended this to both of my sisters and they love it. I apply 2-3 layers on each eye. I recommend staying away from the waterproof because it sticks so much, it pulls your eyelashes out when trying to take your makeup off. This one comes off so easily! 


Thank you so much guys for reading! I hope these tips helped and don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or other recommendations! I love learning new things about the beauty world. Chow!


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