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Be Yourself, Babe

Be Yourself, Babe


Hey friends! Back at it again with another post talking all about SELF LOVE. I feel like I've been (and wanting to) talk about this topic so much lately because it is something I am truly experiencing in my life right now.


Once I turned 18, I started to struggle a lot with confidence, self esteem, & anxiety. Blogging has really motivated me to change that, however, it has also made things worse at times. I mean, think about it... As a blogger, you're on social media 24/7. Your're constantly looking at photo's that are amazing/professional content, and you can't help but wish that your photo's looked like that. You start to ask yourself "Why can't I be this pretty, ugh I wish I had her clothes" Even if you're reading this and you're not a blogger, these thoughts probably have ran through your head at one point. Social media has a way of making people feel like they SHOULD be a certain way. You lose yourself sometimes, at least I do. But, I have read blog post after blog post written by big time fashion bloggers that really emphasize that life isn't what it seems like behind the camera. Life is hard, the job is to make life look easy & luxurious & fab. Lately, I've been trying to turn that into motivation rather than negative thoughts. I think to myself "just keep going Tor, you'll get to that point some day" and its true, I will. 

SO, with that being said, I am here to remind you to love yourself. Remind you that your blog isn't their blog. What makes you & your blog special is your AUTHENTICITY. 


At first, I S T R U G G L E D taking good photo's and creating content that I liked enough to share, & I still do. One day, I realized that the only reason I was having so much trouble was because I wasn't being myself. The photo's that end up turning out best for me are ones that I think of myself, and the ones that are truly ME. I don't go travel every weekend, I don't spend days at the cool little coffee shops. Hell, I have a full time job during the day, & I sit at a desk for 8 hours. I rush home from work just to be able to get photo's with natural light. So no, you're not going to see those fancy photo's with amazing backdrops on my page. But that's not me, and that's not my life, so it's totally okay with me. Once you come to terms with this, you will blossom. Not only to other people, but you will blossom within. It's a damn good feeling.


Once I started creating and posting content that was actually ME, my engagement & following grew a ton. More people engaged with me, and it boosted my self esteem and confidence level. I realized, I am being my true self, and other people like it. In fact, MORE people like it. That was enough for me to realize that what I am offering is enough. It allowed me to enjoy blogging even more, and it helped remind myself why I started blogging in the first place. I didn't start blogging for the glam. I started blogging because I want to help, encourage, and support others. To make a difference. To have a voice. To be myself. Let people see the real, imperfect, flawed, quirky, beautiful, magical person that you are.

"Don't be afraid of being different, be afraid of being the same as everyone else."

"Don't trade your authenticity for approval."

"You cannot fail at being yourself."

This post totally turned out way differently than planned because once I started typing, I just got in my feels and kept typing. But it's whatev :)

I hope everybody has a great week. Happy Tuesday!




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