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How I Edit My Instagram Photo's

How I Edit My Instagram Photo's

Hi friends! I've been getting a lot of questions about how I edit my Instagram photo's, so in this post, I'm going to explain to you exactly what I do, how I do it, what apps I use, and all that fun stuff! Hehe. 


So I actually use the same edit/filter on every photo, because I like to theme my Instagram feed, meaning I like when all of my photo's just kind of tie together and match! You don't have to do this, it's totally your preference! I just like the look of it and I think it makes my Instagram feed look more appealing. I follow many bloggers that don't have a theme, and their feeds still looking amazing, so if you're not into it, don't worry!

J U S T . B E . Y O U .

So my #1 trick to taking my Instagram photo's is to take them in portrait mode on your iPhone! It can be a little bit more difficult to use portrait mode when you're taking pictures of flat lays because the lens automatically zooms in, so it can get a little difficult to adjust. But, if I'm taking a picture that's not a flat lay (which is majority of the time because I am not very good with flat lays), I am 100% using portrait mode. You won't believe the quality of the photo, it's amazing! Ok, let's get into the fun part!

The apps I use to edit my photo's are VSCO, FADED, FACETUNE 2, & PREVIEW.

1. VSCO - The first thing I do is apply the filter I want to my photo. I use the A series in VSCO. I use A4, A5, & A6. About 95% of the time, I use A4. You can adjust the intensity from 0-12, but I usually only adjust it to 6 or 7. If I have a photo that needs a little extra love, I might use the other filters if I need to, but they are just back ups :) 

Once I apply my filter, I adjust (all of the adjustments range from 0-6). I up the exposure a tiny bit, only up to about 1.0. Then I'll go in and crop my image to a 4:5 size, because that's the largest size Instagram will allow. Next, sharpen, which I usually go up all of the way on the sharpening to make the photo a little better quality. The last thing I do is adjust the skin tone up to about 1 or 2. I only do this because it makes the photo look a tiny bit more vintage, which is perfect for my theme. I will also adjust down the saturation if I need to, but I only do that if I have a photo that has a lot of orange-ish tones. 

2. FADED - I don't use this app for every photo, but about 50% of them. Once I save my photo from VSCO, I upload it into Faded. This is where I apply what they call "dust+scratches" which is the grainy texture you see on some of my photo's. You can adjust exactly where you want it in the photo. Again, this just adds to my vintage-like theme. 

3. FACETUNE 2 - I wasn't sure whether to add this or not, only because I very rarely use this, but some of the tools it offers are super helpful. Before I jump into it, I just want to say that I actually am somewhat against this app. I have the free version, but if you pay for it, you can make your photo's look completely different. When I say different, I mean you can change your body type, reshape your entire face, adjust literally every feature of your face/body. I think it's a great app if you're using the right features, but none of us should be making ourselves look like a different person whether it's in a photo, or on social media. I can go into this more but I'll save it for another post :)

ANYWAYS, the only feature I use in this app, and only if I need to, is the glow feature. If you're taking a flat lay photo, and you need to brighten up the background a little bit, this is perfect. It really helps my flat lay photo's just tie into my feed better. 

4. PREVIEW - This is the app I use to plan all of my photo's/content. I don't use this app for any editing, but once I have my photo edited, I will upload it into the Preview app to decide where it fit's best. It also offers an analytics section so you can track your progress, and you can schedule all of your posts and even post them directly from the app. I've also heard a lot about Planoly and Later, but I started with Preview and just never left!


If there is one tip I could give about photo-editing, it's to p r a c t i c e. When I first started, I couldn't figure out why my photo's weren't tying together or why I could get my photo to look a certain way, and after a lot of practice and just messing around with apps, I got a lot better. I feel like I'm a pro now (I'm not though lol).

You will also notice on my Instagram feed, that my theme was different just a few weeks ago. Through the month of March, I literally couldn't decide on a theme. I was stuck between a vintage theme, or more of a grungy theme. I decided to combine them and create my own form and now I am finally satisfied. With that being said, if you are curious how I edited my photo's previously, just shoot me a message and I'll explain it all for you :)

Happy hump day!! Woot woot!



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