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My Favorite Ways to Style Neck Scarves

My Favorite Ways to Style Neck Scarves

Hi guys! Today I am sharing with my favorite ways to style a neck scarf. There are a lot of different ways you can style them, however these are the ones I use the most! This trend recently came back and I LOVE it. I haven't went for this look in the past, so I just purchased 2 silk neck scarves from Forever 21 to see how I like them first. Let's just say I am definitely going to keep my eye out for more! I wish I would've taken a few more photo's for you guys, just for a visual example, but honestly when I took these photo's, I was planning on blogging about something completely different! So if you would like me to post more photo's so you can get a better idea, just comment below! But I'll try my best to explain thoroughly. Lets go! 


So I purchased this scarf above for $5.90 at Forever 21, and then I also purchased one that is identical to a red bandana like this one here. This pink one above I really liked because it has a really pretty floral pattern to it, and includes a lot of colors, so I figured it would be really easy to pair. 

1. The Wrist Wrap - This method is super easy and I love it because it's different! Fold your scarf diagonally at your desired width, wrap twice around your wrist and secure in a knot. There you go! 

2. The Cowgirl - Fold your scarf into a triangle, wrap once around the neck and tie in front. This method is super easy as well and takes literally 2 seconds! I use this method most when wearing a lower cut top so my neck doesn't get too busy. However, I've seen many woman use this method with a variety of different tops. So style it however you'd like girlfriend!

3. The Bowtie - This method is pretty self explanatory. Roll your scarf diagonally, and tie into a bow. I recommend only using this method when using a silk scarf, or a scarf that is made up of thin material. If you try it with a thicker scarf, sometimes it won't give you look the want. It will just be chunky. 


4. Tori's Favorite - So I'm not exactly sure what to call this method, but I use this one the most, and this is also the method I used in the photos you're seeing in this post. Lay your scarf out flat and fold diagonally. Roll up your scarf (forming it into a headband) but make sure you keep it about 2 inches thick. Once rolled, wrap it around your neck, ends towards the back of your neck. Wrap around and tie in the front. I like this look because the scarf is thick and wraps around your whole neck, however it showcases that tiny, cute, little tie right in the front. Sometimes I will tie it in the center, but I'll also turn it to the side as well.



Thanks for reading xxxx. If you would like to see more ways to style a neck scarf, leave a comment below :) Also, if you find super cute neck scarves, let a girl know! Later gators!


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