a little bit about tor

Hi friends! Tori here! I'm a twenty-three year old dog mom, coffee obsessed, fashion addict, animal loving, florida livin' gal. I have a huge passion for fashion & anything beauty! I also love to encourage, support, & help others. I started my blog in February of 2018 for a place where I can really be myself, and a place where I can just write, express my thoughts and document my life! Join me on my journey! xoxo.

Here's a Q&A to get to know me a better.


How old are you? 23, almost 24!

What do you do for a living? I currently work a full time job Monday-Friday, and blog on the side.

Where are you from? I am from a small town in Ohio, but am currently living in Jacksonville, Florida & I love it here! 

Are you single? I am dating my wonderful boyfriend, Alex. He's the best and my happily ever after!

What is a fun fact about you? I am absolutely, and ridiculously obsessed with my 1 year old pup, Jax. I love love love being a dog mom :) 

What's your style? Hmmm. I don't really have a specific style, nor do I want to be only one style. I think what makes me different and unique in my own way is I like to pull off a little bit of every style, and make it my own. I am here to encourage other women to do the same! 

What is one item in your closet that you absolutely couldn't live without? MY VANS. My vans are my go-to's. My day one's. Love them babies, comfy and trendy all at once! 

What do you do for fun? Well, I enjoy blogging. However, I love to spend time just hanging out with my boys! Our weekends usually consist of the gym, the beach, and just hanging out at home. Alex has a motorcycle and we enjoy riding around and sight seeing, as well.

What couldn't you live without? Coffee, duh. 

Favorite food? Pineapple, or anything Italian.

What's your go-to for inspiration? Pinterest. Lordy lord, I can sit on Pinterest for hours and hours!

Why are you blogging? Blogging for me is an amazing way to share my journey with the world. To inspire & to help others. To encourage and to educate. To show women how to be unique and beautiful in their own way, and how to live your life with a positive and healthy mindset. I really enjoy writing, so it's also a great place for me to share my thoughts, express myself, and just be me!


join me on my journey!

xoxo, tori.